EP F-Series F4 Powered Pallet Truck

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The EP F-Series F4 Li-ion Powered 1.5T Pallet Truck marks EP Equipment's advanced electric pallet truck.

The F4 suits logistics, warehouse, and materials handling fields as a top-notch semi-electric pallet truck. It surpasses regular hand pallet trucks by accommodating an impressive 1500kg load capacity.

The EP Equipment F-Series F4 1.5T Powered Pallet Truck is a next-generation electric pallet truck.

The F4 powered pallet truck is versatile and can handle a wide range of applications. Its innovative Li-Ion battery design with two battery options is ideal for both occasional use and long work shifts.

This advanced electric pallet jack features a unique technology of having two Li-ion Battery slots. Being the first of its kind, this allows for increased usage per charge, resulting in improved productivity and reduced downtime.

The F4 is an excellent semi-electric pallet truck suitable for the logistics, warehouse, and materials handling sectors. It surpasses ordinary hand pallet trucks with an impressive maximum load capacity of 1500kg.

Due to its configuration, the F4 is the most flexible truck in the F series. It incorporates a two-battery slot design, making it adaptable to various applications, whether for occasional use or extended work shifts.

With EP's innovative platform-based design, the F4 is efficiently packaged, enabling 30%-40% savings on shipping costs with the ability to accommodate 176 units in a 40' shipping container, compared to the EPT 12EZ model.

The F4 provides maximum flexibility in configurations for different applications, from light use to heavy-duty tasks, thanks to its two-power slot design. Its versatility makes it a well-rounded solution for diverse tasks in a cost-effective manner.

For the standard single-battery setting, a portable storage container is included for easy accessibility while on the move.

The F4 offers the option of using two 24V/20Ah batteries to maximize uptime for full-time applications.

Compared to the EPT12-EZ, the F4 can accommodate 176 units in a 40' shipping container, resulting in a potential reduction of ocean freight charges by as much as 30-40%.

Technical Specification

Load capacity (kg) 1500 kg
O/A width (mm) 695 mm
Min. lift height (mm) 82 mm
Max. lift height (mm) 105 mm
Fork length (mm) 1150 mm
Fork width (mm) 150 mm
Steering wheel material Polyurethane
Fork wheel material Polyurethane
Fork wheel Ø (mm) 80 mm
Steering wheel Ø (mm) 210 mm
Battery voltage (V) 24 V
Battery capacity (Ah) 20 Ah
Moving speed with load (km/h) 4.0 km/h
Moving speed without load (km/h) 4.5 km/h
Weight (kg) 120 kg
Steering wheel width (mm) 70 mm
Turning radius (mm) 1360 mm
Distance between forks (mm) 240 mm
O/A length (mm) 1550 mm
Fork wheel width (mm) 60 mm
O/A height (mm) 1190 mm

The F4 offers the most cost-effective handling solution with maximum flexibility due to the configuration. Operators have options to choose one battery plus a portable storage container or two batteries to meet multiple work settings, from light to heavy duties, from indoors to outdoors.

The new trucks are equipped with a newly developed Li-Ion battery and integrated chargers for maximum flexibility.

Due to its compact size of only 400mm to face of forks, the new F4 Electric Pallet Trucks are the perfect trucks for any standard application in warehouses, logistics and industry.

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