Chair Scales

Standing on a scale can be a problem for physically disabled or older people. Disability scales are of great assistance to patients and medical staff in nursing homes, hospitals, geriatric and orthopaedic departments.

They allow one to weigh bedridden patients or people with an impaired sense of balance as gently as possible; as they can be positioned directly next to the patient, saving them – and the carer – unnecessary effort.

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  1. Seca 955 Chair Scale

    Class III Medically Approved 250kg Chair Scale for weighing while seated

    Relief for patients and staff

    • The simple solution for patients with decreased mobility
    • Fold-up arm and footrests make sitting down easy
    • Ergonomic seat for increased patient comfort
    • Wheels include brakes to ensure the scale stays in place when needed
    • Intuitive user interface simplifies use
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  2. Chair Scale EH-ECS 250kg
    EH-ECS Chair Scale
    Special Price £395.00 Regular Price £439.00

    Chair Scale EH-ECS with a capacity of 250kg x 100g. Graduation 100g with BMI function.

    Mains rechargeable battery operation. Swing arms for easy access and fold up footrest.

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  3. Seca 956 Chair Scale

    The new Seca 956 offers a sound, user-oriented solution with all the functions that a good chair scale should offer.

    Class III Approved.

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  4. M-210 Professional Chair Scale
    M-210 Professional Chair Scale

    Marsden M-210 Chair Scale, classic design and a bestseller to hospitals and care homes.

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  5. Seca 959 Chair Scale

    Class III Medically Approved EMR-validated 300kg x 50g Chair Scale.

    Consideration, comfort & safety

    • 50g graduation for exact measurement while sitting
    • Fold-up arm and footrests for easy access
    • Ergonomic seat for increased patient comfort
    • Suitable for patients affected by obesity with up to 300kg weighing capacity
    • Sophisticated engineering and robust construction for a long lifespanEMR-validated: transmit measured data directly to any electronic medical record system or printer
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  6. Seca 685 Multifunction Scale

    Class III Medically Approved 300kg EMR-validated Multifunctional Scale

    • Safe weighing of standing, sitting or wheelchair patients
    • Large, easy to access platform
    • Wheel barrier provides extra safety
    • Integrated fold down seat
    • Easy to read display
    • Mobile due to integrated transport wheels
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