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Industrial Scales

Accurate and durable industrial scales and solutions for use in factories, depots, and warehouses. Easy to operate and manoeuvre, helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency. U-frame & dual pallet beams are available to simplify the weighing of palletised items.

We can offer a carefully coordinated range of affordable entry-level models, through to practical built-in solutions up to the top-level verified models made from carbon steel with top quality weights and measures approved load cells.

All capacities from 500kg to 5000kg and base variations including weigh beams, u-frame pallet weighers and ramps are available from stock.

Contact us today for more information and availability. 

ATEX Approved Scales

ATEX Weighing Scales ATEX approved bench and pallet truck scales for use in dangerous areas and hazardous zones. Int

Axle / Vehicle Weigh Pads

Axle / Vehicle Weigh Pads Lightweight, high capacity scales designed for vehicle weighing. Portable, low-profile mode

Bench Scales

Bench Scales  All of our bench scales are all designed to operate from mains, with battery or rechargeable battery o

Counting Scales

Counting Scales  Range from high-resolution lightweight bench scales to heavy-duty bulk floor platform scales. High-

Crane Scales

Crane Scales Heavy-duty crane scales for suspension weighing in industrial environments. Accurate and robust equipmen

Food / Washdown Scales

Food & Washdown Scales We stock a large range of food scales and washdown weighing equipment. Multiple weighing

Floor Scales

Floor Scales  We stock a wide variety of industrial floor scales that have been designed for easy operation within t

Hanging Scales

Hanging Scales  High-quality digital and mechanical scales for suspended weighing. Battery-powered equipment with va

Parcel Scales

All of MK Scales parcel scales have been designed for easy operation within the working environment with mains, battery

Platform Scales

Platform Scales Accurate and durable Platform Scales for use in factories, depots, and warehouses. Easy to operate an

Pallet Scales and Trucks

Pallet Scales and Trucks Accurate and durable truck pallet scales for use in factories, depots, and warehouses. Easy

Pallet Truck Weighers

Pallet Truck Weighers  If you need to weigh pallets of products in your warehouse, factory, or depot as quickly

Postal Scales

Postal and Parcel Scales   We stock a wide range of postal and parcel scales that range from 2kg to 30kg capacities

Stainless Steel Scales

Stainless Steel Scales  High-quality stainless steel scales for various weighing applications. Includes pallet truck

Trade Approved Scales

Trade Approved Scales Trade approved weighing scales certified for selling of goods based on weight. Highly accurate

U Frames

U Frames Accurate and durable U-Frame Scales for use in factories, depots, and warehouses. The handles and wheels inc

Weigh Beams

Weigh Beams Accurate and durable Weigh Beam Scales for use in factories, depots, and warehouses. The handles and whee

Weighing Indicators

MK Scales have a range of weigh indicators that can be used for many applications such as batch weighing with set points