Marsden has been a market leader in the healthcare market since 1926. Since then they have continued to make advances within the field by bringing new and innovative products to market. Today, you’ll find Marsden Weighing Scales around the world, from the United States to Africa.

Marsden is a leader in weighing innovation. Their range of weighing scales includes world firsts, developed with the help of medical institutions and healthcare experts. Every Marsden medical scale is designed to meet three very simple, but crucial criteria: to reduce costs for healthcare, improve user experience and, ultimately, deliver better patient outcomes

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  1. M-530 Carry Case
    CC-605 Carry Case

    Marsden CC-605 Carry Case for Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachment.

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  2. M-530 Carry Case
    CC-600 Carry Case

    Marsden CC-600 Carry Case for Marsden M-600 Hoist Weighing Attachment.

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  3. M-530 Carry Case
    M-420 Carry Case

    Marsden M-420 Carry Case

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  4. Mild Steel U-Frame Pallet Scale
    Mild Steel U Frame Pallet Scale
    As low as £449.00

    Heavy-Duty Mild Steel U-Frame Pallet Scale with LP7510B IP65 Weighing Indicator

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  5. Marsden M-600 / M-605
    Marsden M-600 / M-605
    • 200kg x 100g
    • BMI Function
    • MDD & Class III Approved
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  6. Marsden M-900
    Marsden M-900
    • Class III Approved
    • 600kg x 200g
    • Carry handles for portability
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  7. PT-600 Heavy Duty Pallet Truck with Built-in Scale and Printer
    PT-600 Heavy Duty Pallet Truck with Built-in Scale and Printer
    Special Price £790.00 Regular Price £820.00

    The Marsden PT-600 is a heavy-duty, 2000kg capacity pallet truck weighing scale with a built-in printer. It is a mild steel pallet truck with a built-in printer, which means you can create a ticket of the results every time you weigh a pallet.

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  8. PT-500 Heavy Duty Pallet Truck with Built-in Scale
    PT-500 Heavy Duty Pallet Truck with Built-in Scale
    Special Price £665.00 Regular Price £695.00
    • Heavy-duty pallet truck with built-in scale

    • Electronic indicator with 32mm high red LED display

    • Four load cells mean accurate readings in kg or lb

    • 2000kg capacity; 500g accuracy

    • Long-life internal battery for extra flexibility

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  9. M-530 Carry Case
    M-530 Carry Case

    Marsden M-530 Carry Case

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  10. M-530 Portable Floor Scale
    M-530 Portable Floor Scale
    As low as £525.00

    The M-530 is a must for all GP surgeries due to its high 300kg x 100g or 500kg x 200g capacity and extra-large base.

    This scale allows for discrete weighing of heavy patients that traditional scales found in GP surgeries cannot.

    Class III Approved

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  11. Marsden TP-2100 Printer
    Marsden TP-2100 Printer

    Marsden TP-2100 is a high-resolution printer to suit medical scales, it prints date, time, weight, height and BMI.

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  12. HM-200 Marsden Heigh Measure
    HM-201M Marsden Height Measure

    Marsden HM-201M Telescopic Height Measure. It is attached by a bracket to Marsden column scales. It measures to 2m in 1mm increments.

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  13. M-110 Professional Physicians Scale
    M-110 Professional Physicians Scale
    As low as £355.00

    Marsden M-110 Column scale. 250kg capacity, 100g divisions 

    Great for use in Outpatient Clinics and GP Surgeries.

    Class III Approved

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  14. M-640 Large Person & Wheelchair Weigher
    M-640 Bariatric & Wheelchair Scale

    The Marsden M-640 bariatric scale is designed to weigh the largest of patients. It has alarge weighing platform with sturdy handrails to stabilise bariatric and geriatricpatients. The built-in ramps and weighing platform accommodate almost every wheelchair and a gentle incline on the ramps to enable ease of use. The scale has a hinged seat for those patients less steady on their feet. 

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  15. M-800 Professional High Capacity Scale
    M-800 Professional High Capacity Bariatric and Geriatric Scale

    Marsden M-800 Handrail Scale has a high capacity and is useful for weighing bariatric patients or those unable to stand unassisted.

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