Heavy Duty NDPYP Pallet Truck Weigher with Printer

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Our NDPYP printer has a maximum error rate of only 0.1%, even in conditions where the floor is not level. It can operate on mains power or a rechargeable battery and has a usage time of approximately 70 hours.

Additionally, the automatic sleep mode ensures that up to 4200 weighing actions can be performed. The display is easily readable from any angle and does not require a backlight.

  • Pallet truck with scale lifting capacity 2000kg x 1kg 
  • Integrated Thermal Printer
  • Mobile pallet truck/scale allows you to weigh cargo where you want and when you want
  • Reduces the number of operators and saves time for maximum efficiency
  • Keypad and automatic tare functions
  • Large LCD display shows all measurement results in clearly readable numbers, even in dim lighting
  • The display can be read from different angles around the scale
  • Either internal or external power supply can be used
  • Available in pounds or kilograms 
  • Fork length 1150mm
  • Width 550mm or 685mm
  • Height 85mm
  • Total fork height 185mm

Capacities: 2000kg x 500g / 2000kg x 1kg
Minimum Fork Height: 85mm
Maximum Fork Height: 205mm
Size of Fork: 160mm x 60mm
Overall Fork Width: 550mm or 685mm
Fork Length: 1150mm