NDP Pallet Truck Weighing Scale

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NDP Pallet Truck Weighing Scale is durable, high-precision, and has a weight capacity of up to 2000kg and offers high precision divisions of 1kg. It's versatile with a range of functions, overload protection, and automatic shut-off for a variety of applications.

Mains and rechargeable battery operation.

Standard euro fork size 1150mm x 550mm or Extra Width 1150mm x 685mm

NDP weighing hand pallet trucks are widely recognised as the dependable workhorses in various industries such as Warehouse, Retail, NHS, and Logistics. These trucks handle countless lifting and moving operations daily, making them an essential tool in workplaces. They ensure swift and safe movement of pallets from point A to B, reducing the user's stress significantly.

These trucks are versatile and compatible with EURO, CHEP, and UK sized pallets, making them one of the best-selling units globally, with over 1,000,000 units sold.

The channel reinforced frame guarantees the alignment of forks remains intact. The trucks are equipped with top-quality German hydraulic pumps featuring a slow lowering hand control and a 3-position lever. German hydraulic seals ensure their efficiency.

Additionally, Tandem Load Rollers help distribute the load on the floor, reducing ground contact loading by 50%. This feature facilitates the movement of heavier loads with less effort and strain on the operator. To protect load rollers and pallets and prevent physical exertion of the operator, 2 nylon entry and exit rollers are provided.

A full 12-month warranty for parts and labour is offered for these pallet trucks. Please note that the colour may vary between red and yellow based on current stock holding. The scale accuracy is 0.1% of the applied weight.

  • Capacity: 2000kg

  • Graduations: 1kg

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1% of the applied load

  • Display: LCD with backlight

  • Power: Rechargeable battery with charger included

  • Construction: Steel frame and fork

  • Functions: Tare, zero, accumulation, and preset tare

  • Units: Kilograms or pounds (switchable)

  • Safety: Overload protection and automatic shut-off

  • Certification: CE-approved and Calibration Certificates are Available

  • Warehousing and logistics: Pallet truck weighing scales are ideal for weighing incoming and outgoing goods in a warehouse or distribution center.

  • Manufacturing: Pallet truck weighing scales can be used to weigh raw materials or finished products in a manufacturing facility.

  • Retail and commercial: Retail businesses and other commercial operations that sell products by weight can benefit from pallet truck weighing scales for inventory management and sales transactions.

  • Agriculture and farming: Pallet truck weighing scales can be used to weigh crops, livestock, and other farm products for accurate record-keeping and billing.

  • Recycling and waste management: Pallet truck weighing scales can be used to weigh recyclable materials and waste products for billing and inventory management.

  • Healthcare: Pallet truck weighing scales can be used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to weigh patients, medical equipment, and supplies.

  • Transport and logistics: Pallet truck weighing scales can be used to weigh goods on delivery vehicles, ensuring accurate loading and unloading.

  • Food and beverage: Pallet truck weighing scales can be used in the food and beverage industry to weigh ingredients, finished products, and packaging materials.

  • Oil and gas: Pallet truck weighing scales can be used to weigh drums, containers, and other materials used in the oil and gas industry.

  • Construction: Pallet truck weighing scales can be used on construction sites to weigh building materials, equipment, and supplies.