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Weigh scales, all types, all sizes. Accurate and durable weighing scales for all solutions for use in factories, depots, warehouses, laboratories, hospitals and medical sectors, vets, kitchens retail shops, greengrocers, schools, universities and many, many more!

Easy to operate and manoeuvre, helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We can offer a carefully coordinated range of affordable entry-level models, to practical built-in solutions up to the top-level verified models made from carbon steel with top-quality weights and measures trade-approved load cells.

All capacities from 1g to 5000kg and base and plate sizes variations are available from stock.

Contact us today for more information and availability. 

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  1. Heavy Duty NDPYP Pallet Truck Weigher with Printer
    Heavy Duty NDPYP Pallet Truck Weigher with Printer
    Special Price £795.00 Regular Price £985.00

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    Our NDPYP printer has a maximum error rate of only 0.1%, even in conditions where the floor is not level. It can operate on mains power or a rechargeable battery and has a usage time of approximately 70 hours.

    Additionally, the automatic sleep mode ensures that up to 4200 weighing actions can be performed. The display is easily readable from any angle and does not require a backlight.

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