Radwag is one of the greatest manufacturers of electronic balances in Poland and one of the largest worldwide. Specialising in laboratory balances, industrial scales, scales for Ex Areas, Medical and PGC scales, Check-weighers and mass comparators. Radwag offers unique solutions for indicators and terminals, weighing platforms and pharma and biotech solutions. 
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  1. Radwag WLC C2 Precision Balance
    Radwag WLC C2 Precision Balance

    Precision balances enable fast and accurate determination of mass in laboratory and industry. The devices are equipped with RS232 connector and an internal battery which allows their operation in places where there is no access to the mains (230V). The balance features a stainless steel weighing pan, and a backlit LCD guaranteeing clear weighing result presentation. Optionally, they can be equipped with an additional RS232 connector.

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  2. Radwag MA.R Moisture Analysers
    Radwag MA.R Moisture Analyzers

    A moisture analyzer is a laboratory measuring instrument intended to determine relative humidity for small samples of different materials. MA.R series redefines moisture analyzers standards. This series has been equipped with a brand new readable LCD display providing an extra text line for information such as supplementary messages and data, e.g. product name or tare value.

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