Medical Scales - Class III

Our wide range of medical scales includes Class iii approved medical scales for patient care and diagnosis. Highly accurate and reliable baby scales, chair scales, platform scales and stand-on scales and wheelchair scales.

Our scales are deployed in hospitals, GP surgeries, care homes, and veterinary centers. All of our medical range is Weights and Measures Approved with the appropriate Government Stamp of accuracy. 

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  1. Seca 856
    Seca 856

    The Seca 856 Organ Scale fulfils tough hygienic standards. High reliability with protected electronics, reliable weight determination and easy to clean. Capacity 5kg x 1g with 4 x AAA battery operation.

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  2. M-530 Portable Floor Scale
    M-530 Portable Floor Scale
    As low as £490.00

    The M-530 is a must for all GP surgeries due to its high 300kg x 100g or 500kg x 200g capacity and extra-large base.

    This scale allows for discrete weighing of heavy patients that traditional scales found in GP surgeries cannot.

    Class III Approved

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  3. Seca 635 Large Platform Scale

    EMR-validated flat scale with extra-large platform.

    • Capacity 300kg x 200g
    • Class III Approved
    • Cable remote display for wall mounting or table installation
    • Includes BMI calculator and three-stage damping
    • Wide range of functions: TARE, pre-TARE, HOLD and Auto-HOLD
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  4. Seca 956 Chair Scale

    The new Seca 956 offers a sound, user-oriented solution with all the functions that a good chair scale should offer.

    Class III Approved.

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  5. Seca 875 Personal Scales

    The Seca 875 Personal Scale is a lightweight scale that’s stable, compact and easy to clean.

    Class III Approved.

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  6. Seca 384 Baby Scale

    Seca 384 Baby Scale 20kg x 10g is a portable, electronic baby/toddler scale with detachable baby tray.

    Class III Approved.

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  7. Seca 761 Mechanical Personal Scale

    Seca 761 Mechanical Flat Personal Scale.

    The precise design classic has a large clear and well-defined dial. With a large, low-level, non-slip platform and scratch resistant finish.

    The rugged metal housing withstands years of use under the hardest conditions imaginable.

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  8. Seca 677 Electronic Platform Scale

    Capacity 300kg x 100g.

    Class III Approved.

    • Large wheelchair accessible platform
    • Convenient and foldable to save space
    • Mobile due to transport wheels
    • Handrail as a standing aid
    • Non-slip rubber mat
    • Two ramps included
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  9. Seca 657 Trolley Scale

    Class III Approved EMR-validated platform scale with innovative memory function

    • Especially spacious platform for all common wheeled systems
    • Stable construction with very high capacity (300kg)
    • Transportable due to wheels and integrated handles
    • Two ramps included
    • Innovative memory function for determining precise weight of patient
    • EMR-validated: transmit measured data directly to any electronic medical record system or printer
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  10. Seca 799 Column Scale

    Class III Approved 200kg Electronic column scale with BMI function.

    • Particularly robust and compact column scale
    • Includes BMI function, TARE and HOLD
    • Robust weighing platform made of steel
    • Easily movable with transport wheels
    • Can be powered with batteries for mobile use or a power adapter for stationary use
    • Expandable into a complete measuring station with an optional height measuring rod


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  11. M-110 Professional Physicians Scale
    M-110 Professional Physicians Scale
    As low as £335.00

    Marsden M-110 Column scale. 250kg capacity, 100g divisions 

    Great for use in Outpatient Clinics and GP Surgeries.

    Class III Approved

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  12. M-640 Large Person & Wheelchair Weigher
    M-640 Bariatric & Wheelchair Scale

    The Marsden M-640 bariatric scale is designed to weigh the largest of patients. It has alarge weighing platform with sturdy handrails to stabilise bariatric and geriatricpatients. The built-in ramps and weighing platform accommodate almost every wheelchair and a gentle incline on the ramps to enable ease of use. The scale has a hinged seat for those patients less steady on their feet. 

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  13. M-800 Professional High Capacity Scale
    M-800 Professional High Capacity Bariatric and Geriatric Scale

    Marsden M-800 Handrail Scale has a high capacity and is useful for weighing bariatric patients or those unable to stand unassisted.

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  14. M-620 Professional Wheelchair Weigher
    M-620 Professional Wheelchair Weighing Scale

    The Marsden M-620 wheelchair scale has a large weighing platform to accommodate almost every wheelchair and a gentle incline on the ramps to enable ease of use. The ramp folds in and the platform folds up and onto a trolley so that the wheelchair scale can be easily and safely transported, as well as providing a compact unit for easy storage

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  15. M-210 Professional Chair Scale
    M-210 Professional Chair Scale

    Marsden M-210 Chair Scale, classic design/best seller to hospitals and care homes.

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