EP Powered Pallet Truck EPT12-EZ

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Our Best Selling EPT 12EZ from EP Equipment is as small as a manual hand pallet truck, can lift up to 1200Kg, drive and lift electrically and only weighs 130Kg.

It is the ultimate retail and delivery truck.

EP has completely revolutionised the hand pallet truck with the introduction of the 12EZ-powered pallet truck. This product, used by millions of individuals worldwide on a daily basis, is now available in an electric version. Say goodbye to manual operation and embrace the convenience of the 12EZ. Its simplicity is its strength.

Although the 12EZ walkie truck resembles a manual hand pallet truck in size, it offers the same benefits as a powered pallet truck. It is equipped with a durable Lithium-Ion power source, which can be easily recharged and is always accessible. With its attractive price, this truck is an ideal replacement for your manual hand pallet truck, improving safety and ergonomics within your organisation.

Weighing only 130kg, the 12EZ electric pallet truck is remarkably light. It can operate for up to 3 hours on a single charge, thanks to its advanced 20Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. One outstanding feature of this electric hand pallet truck is its removable Li-Ion Battery, which weighs a mere 3.7kg.

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  • Light service weight, decent capac ity, suitable for anywhere a hand pallet truck could be used:
    • 130kg Ultra-light service weight,1200kg high rated capacity, come and go freely in small working space with 1390mm turning radius.
  • CAN-BUS system: 
    • CAN-BUS system simplifies operation/maintenance level, improves system reliability.
  • Integrated design:
    • Innovative designed sealed hydraulic unit, low noise, easy maintenance.
  • Non-contact limit switch design: 
    • New non-contact limit switch design improves the reliability.
  • Safety:
    • Convenient emergency stop switch, strong driving wheel cover, solid battery clip, ensure safety and reliability

Model EPT12-EZX
Drive - Electric
Operator type - Pedestrian
Load capacity - 1200kg
Load center distance - 600mm
Load distance centre of drive axle to fork - 950mm
Service weight - 130kg
Axle loading, laden front/rear- 420/910kg

The brand-new 12EZ electric pallet truck, weighing only 130kg and capable of lifting up to 1200kg, is specifically designed for retail use. Its compact size and contemporary design make it an ideal companion for on-site applications. 

Fork dimension ●1150*560○800*560○900*560○1000*560○1070*560
Fork lowered height ●80○60
Fork carriage width ○685○560
backrest height ○1220mm 48in ○1520mm 60in
Load wheel type ●Double○Single
Load wheel material ●PU
Drive wheel material ●PU○Trace PU
Battery capacity ●20AH
Charger ●24V-10A External○29.4V-4A External○24V-6A External

Note: ●Standard ○ Optional - Inconformity

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