What is a Moisture Analyser?

Moisture Analyser

It is no surprise that manufactured products have strict regulations regarding quality and contents. This is particularly true in the catering industry and is essential to maintaining a standard of healthy food.

The method used to measure moisture in products is far simpler than you may think, due in large part to a certain type of equipment.

Moisture Analysers work by taking an initial measurement. This reading is then compared to the total weight after heating occurs.

The difference calculated enables the machine to display the overall moisture content.

Crucially, the head is applied within the balance itself. This prevents the need for the product to be removed, heated externally and then added back into the balance for future weighing.

Adopting the manual method can result in loss of the product and/or contamination. Both scenarios will produce inaccuracies.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Moisture Analysers supplied by MK Scales…


1. KERN DBS 60-3 Moisture Analyzer


First up is one of our mid-range models. The KERN DBS 60-3 Moisture Analyzer comes equipped with a high-quality single-cell weighing system for outstanding stability, reliability and response speed.

On top of that, its 10 complete drying processes mean it can be used for a range of applications.



2. Radwag MA.R Moisture Analyzers


The Radwag MA.R was specifically designed to determine relative humidity for small samples of materials. The MA.R series itself has redefined moisture analyzer standards as we know them.

This particular model is fitted with a brand-new readable LCD display, providing an extra text line for key information such as supplementary messages and data, e.g. product name or tare value.



3. Ohaus MC2000


The Ohaus MC2000 is a cost-effective option, designed to be both user-friendly and versatile.

It achieves this courtesy of 50 different grain categories, meaning it can be utilised for alternate harvests and product types.



4. A&D MX-50


The MX-50 is a model boasting analytical balance resolution.

It was created for the plastic injection molding industry but also lends itself to other sectors. With a total capacity of 51g x 0.001g, and a drying temperature range of 50°C - 200°C, it can point to an outstanding range, furthering its appeal.



5. Ohaus MB120


Measuring moisture content has never been easier than with the MB120 Moisture Analyser.

Geared to increase precision and efficiency in the lab, this model features a precisely controlled halogen heating system, which helps yield fast and repeatable results with a readability of up to 0.01%.

Its highly precise heating, coupled with a built-in drying profile, affords end users a precise and reliable reading.



6. A&D MS-70


Every bit the premium moisture analyzer, the A&D MS-70 is another product designed specifically for the plastic injection molding industry.

It offers an impressive capacity of 71g x 0.1mg, along with a halogen lamp and a heat range of 30°C - 200°C.

Both features combined with 5 built-in measurement programs. This results in an accurate and reliable reading you can trust.




In summary, our wide range of moisture analyzers are easy to use and incredibly accurate. No matter your industry or application, there is a model for you. View the full range here.