What Are Different Industrial Scales Used For?

Industrial scales are produced in a wide variety of sizes and styles, all designed for use in a specific field.

Equipment which is used in medical, retail and industrial settings must be robust and reliable, providing accurate measurements over a long period of time.

Throughout this blog we’ll explore them all in detail, highlighting their respective applications and advantages.


Bench Scales

We’ll begin by focusing on bench scales.

One of several small-format weighing scales we sell, these are compact enough to be placed on most tables, counters and work benches. As the name suggests, they are used for the accurate weighing of smaller items.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the work area in which they will be utilised, bench scales can be purchased with high or low capacities.

They can be considered an all-around machine, with no major weaknesses.

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Pallet Scales

Knowing the weight of individual items set for shipping is helpful, but when shipping pallets of products it is the total load which is most important.

Ideal for use in warehouses, factories and depots, pallet scales allow for the quick and accurate weighing of pallets and items placed upon them.

Being such a specialised piece of equipment, pallet scales have many advantages when performing the task they are designed for.

They make the weighing of goods more convenient. Indeed, they save time as multiple trips with different equipment can be avoided.

This leads to reduced labour costs whilst helping to prevent overloading.

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Counting Scales

Counting hundreds or even thousands of items at any one time can be boring, time-consuming and costly.

Scales designed for this purpose are high resolution and as such ideal for counting large volumes of identical parts and components.

In short, they are suitable for anything that has a fixed and known weight, which might also prove difficult to count by hand.

The higher accuracy of counting scales also brings greater efficiency and less in the way of wasted resources.


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Floor & Platform Scales


Floor Scales are designed primarily for use in the medical sector.

These scales sit flat on the ground, allowing the patient to step onto the platform where their weight will be displayed on the screen attached.

These are the most common form of scale and are even present in most homes (though it’s worth remembering bathroom scales are less accurate).

Moreover, they are simple to use and understand. Weighing individuals with limited mobility becomes far easier using this product.

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Platform Scales are similar to floor scales, only bigger. As the name suggests there is a larger platform which is designed to hold heavy loads in warehouses and similar places.

The most basic model requires the items to be placed onto the platform, using the likes of a forklift. The more advanced versions have ramps to simply drive the forklift onto the platform.

Whilst the base models have slight drawbacks, the added ramps bring even greater simplicity.

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Weigh Beams

Weigh Beams feature two long rectangular panels designed to be placed a distance apart to support whatever you need to weigh.

They are adept at weighing large items like boxes, crates and pallets. Their sheer manoeuvrability meanwhile allows them to weigh items of varying widths and lengths.

They are also easily stored away, saving on space in a warehouse.

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U frames

U Frame Scales offer a higher-capacity alternative to Pallet Truck scales, with some models boasting a capacity of up to 3000kg.

The U shape allows for boxes and crates to be lowered using a forklift. It goes without saying, this is highly convenient. The integrated handle and wheels ensure they can be easily moved and stored away.

The overall appeal comes from their lightweight and easy to use build, one that lends itself to a busy warehouse.

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Crane Scales

As you might expect, crane scales work by suspending the object/s which need to be weighed off the ground and measuring the force pulling it down.

The use of a crane scale allows you to reduce labour costs and free up floor space to boot.

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Load Monitoring

Load monitoring cells, shackles and links are used in industrial settings to accurately monitor heavy lifting applications.

Fitted with transmitters which wirelessly send data to a handheld receiver up to 1000 meters away, they are wonderfully efficient.

This can allow you to quickly tell when you are nearing or have reached your overload limit.

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