DB380 Automatic Coin Counter and Sorter

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DB380 Automatic Coin Counter and Sorter - counts 220 coins per minute. 

Larger LCD screen, high-contrast display. USB upgrading interface can connect to a printer

DB380 Automatic Coin Counter and Sorter

The DB380 Automatic Coin Counter and Sorter is the newest model available in our coin counting/sorting range. The DB380 can count 220 coins per minute, making batch counting, quick, accurate, and easy. 

The DB380 features a large, clear, high-contrast LCD screen that can display the total value and quantity per denomination. Includes number keyboard for easily presetting batch numbers. 

The DB380 model can be easily connected via USB to any printer for an instant printout of the counting results. 

Ambient Temperature: 0°C~40°C          
Ambient Humidity: 30~80%            
Hopper Capacity: 300~500 pieces      
The capacity of Receiving coin cup: 80~150 pieces    
Counting speed: Up to 330 pieces/minute (MAX.)   
Batch Preset Number Display: 3 digits LCD    
Counting Number Display: 5 digits LCD        
Value Counting Number Display:  9 digits LCD  
Printer port: RS232 serial port for thermal printer
Power Source:  AC220V/50Hz, or AC110V/60Hz      
Power Consumption:  45W (MAX.)            
Dimensions: 355mm×330mm×266mm      
Net Weight: 4.5kg    
  • Coin Counting 
  • Coin Sorting 
  • Money Counting 
  • Money Sorting