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Looking for the perfect Point of Sale Solution?

We specialize in professional POS, Retail Shop Scales, Tills, and Printers, perfect for everyone from small businesses to superstore giants alike.
Price-computing scales are easy to operate, they facilitate smooth and efficient commercial weighing for both the operator and customer. With large backlit LCD displays that show weight, price per unit, and total cost, the scales speed the entire process by simultaneously showing information to customers and users.
Ideal for markets or produce stands, they work with rechargeable batteries for up to 60 hours of continuous use, so they can operate where electricity isn't available.
They are EC Approved because they are used for selling by weight to members of the public and this is a requirement Trading Standards are very strict on.

LS2X Thermal Label Printing Scale

Dual Range weighing scale, powerful software for label editing, PLU programming & 112 direct price look-up keys.

CS3MXC Digital Cash Register Scale 

High Speed, programmable PLU Keys, integrated Cashier Weighing Dual System. Stainless plate and h paper thermal printer.

PS1XD Digital Flat Retail Scale 

Ultra Power-saving Design. Multi-customer Accumulating Function. High-sensitive Keyboard. Programmable PLU.

Take The Weight Off Your Mind

We specialise in the maintenance, repair, and calibration of scales and weighing devices. Our in-house calibration is fast and efficient to ensure you always have accurate and reliable scales. We also offer competitive prices on call-outs, on-site visits, and annual service and calibrations packages. 

Our Calibration Services includes:

- Annual service and calibrations
- Industrial service calibrations


Do you require calibration and certification services for your weighing equipment? Our calibration certificates are traceable to national standards with ISO 9001:2015 Calibration.