6165 Coin & Note Counting Scale New £1 Coin £5 & £10 Note Ready


6165 Coin & Note Counting Scale New £1 Coin £5 £10 Note Ready. Counts all coins and banknotes in 3 default currencies: UK Sterling, Euro and Swiss Franc and non-cash items such as vouchers, tokens etc. Mains (UK and Euro supplied) or 9V battery operation. Test weight is also supplied for calibration.

The Safescan 6165 uses sophisticated currency-weighing technology to quickly and reliably count coins, banknotes and non-cash items such as vouchers and tokens—faster and more accurately than the most experienced cashier.

Starting with the smallest denomination, place each coin type on the scale (using the supplied cup), then each banknote type in small stacks, and voilà! In less than two minutes, your whole till has been counted.

Need to include non-cash items such as vouchers, coupons, tokens or chips? No problem. You can quickly teach the 6165 to automatically recognize the weight and value of any item.

The 6165 comes standard with EUR, GBP and CHF installed, but you can choose any 3 currencies to support with a simple USB update.

Features Include:

  • Counts both coins and banknotes New £1 Coin & £5 £10 Note Ready
  • Weighing and counting of coupons, vouchers, tickets
  • Print counting results instantly via serial port
  • Default currencies: GBP, EUR, CHF
  • Will be suitable for counting the new £5 Polymer banknote (software update required)
  • Suitable for the counting of the existing Euro banknotes and new Europa series banknotes
  • Software available for more currencies
  • With USB port for PC connection
  • Compatible with Safescan MCS
  • Compatible with Safescan TP-230
  • Displays total amount, quantity and amount per denomination
  • Works quickly and silently
  • Large, backlit LCD screen
  • Simple user Interface
  • Works with the 9V Rechargeable Battery accessory
  • Size: 230mm x 140mm x 110mm
  • Weight: 0.7kg
  • 3 year warranty
  • CE certified
  • Money Platform
  • Coin cup
  • UK and EUR power adapter included
  • USB Update Cable